Bridal and Pre-wedding Art: A New Frontier?
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Tuesday, March 10, 2015
By Bryan
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For the past few years I have been observing a trend in Asia and some European countries for pre-wedding day sessions that tend to be much more elaborate than the typical bridal or engagement session in the United States. These sessions often involve a hair and makeup artist, stylists, preconceived themes, and travel to exotic destinations. Instead of a large investment in the wedding day coverage, many couples are now investing in editorial style sessions that result in elaborate albums and custom artwork for the home of the couple or in some cases the home of the bride's mother.

My hope as an artist is to not only capitalize on this new trend, but to make it my own by offering one of a kind artwork that even the most prolific photographer can not offer. I wanted to share with you a few early examples of imagery that began as photography and tranformed into mixed media paintings fom bridal and pre-wedding sessions. I would appreciate your input (both positive and negative) on this possible new journey.

I'm in the early stages of developing a business model for these fashion-forward, editorial bridal and pre-wedding sessions. I'm most excited about a potential partnership with a local theatre/motion picture costuming company that will allow me to offer period costumes in many different genre. This would allow couples to be even more a part of the creative process in helping me create their romantic story. Obviously, there are many exotic locations in and around Atlanta and the Southeast, but I will be available to travel to destinations all over the world. 

If you or someone you know is engaged to be married and open to a different approach to creative and elegant bridal portraiture please share this post with them or reach out to us at the studio to discuss.

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