Celebrate Family This Fall
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Wednesday, September 27, 2017
By Whitelake Studio Fine Art
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Cuddles was a very important part of our family.  She was a rescue dog, a puppy left in a muddy pasture in Dawsonville.  When she came into our home, my daughter was only 7, and my son just 2.  She made everything better for us.  Cuddles was so smart, full of spirit and protective.  When our other dog, Daisy was rescued, it was Cuddles that trained her and became a great big sister.  We will miss her so much, and treasure  the wonderful, photographic memories that we have.  We celebrate Cuddles' life in pictures everyday.

We all enjoy the Facebook and Instagram posts from first day of kindergarten, high school or college, but what about a last day?

So many reasons to celebrate...the autumn season is a perfect time of the year to get together and celebrate.  Here are a few examples to enjoy and hopefully inspire you to pause and reflect on your many blessings along the way.  Life is too fast.  Let's all slow down this fall and spend time together with those that we love and appreciate the most.

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