Most people see Bryan's work and think they can't afford it. That's not true. For over 25 years, our goal has been to bring amazingly creative artwork to anyone's home who desires it. We offer many affordable options to fit any budget, from modest to rock star - the sky's the limit! And if needed, we also have interest-free payment plans. Just ask. If you are looking for a simple price list, scroll to the bottom of this page. If you'd like to know what you're getting for your dollar - please read on.

With Creation Fees beginning at a mere $65, you can't afford not to schedule your session at Whitelake Studio. And you get a LOT for your Creation Fee: We want every session to be the absolute best it can be. First, Bryan gets to know you at a personal Consultation, so you can plan an incredible session, see the studio, and make sure you're calm and prepared for your actual session day. He discusses locations, clothing, and options for your final images. In less than an hour, Bryan gets a good feel for what you want out of your portraits.

Then comes the session. You're already relaxed and ready because you know exactly what to expect. Your session includes a full hour, so there's plenty of time to change clothes and locations as many times as you wish. With babies, we take even more time, allowing time for feeding or just letting your little one pace themselves. At your Design Session, Bryan will help you select your final images and you'll see anywhere from 25-100 of the best images from your session. This appointment lasts an hour to two, so bring anyone needed for the decision making process! But because Bryan already has ideas for your final images, it's not as hard as you think.

Next, you actually get to pick up your original works of art! Different options have varying delivery times, from several days to a few months (for oil paintings). If you need help with installation, just let us know, and if we can't do it, we can find someone who can. Again, we want your experience with Whitelake Studio to be the best. Your life is extraordinary - shouldn't your portraits be? Photography is not just a hobby; Bryan has devoted his life to perfecting his craft and regularly attends state and national events and professional competitions to remain at the top of his field. With his numerous awards and experience, Bryan is considered one of the most sought after and top photographers today.

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  • Portrait Sessions - $65
  • Locations - $95
  • High School Seniors $59/99/149
  • Senior Collections (images) - $149 and up
  • Baby Steps - $149 - Includes 3-4 sessions based on sign-up
  • Maternity - NEW - Free!
  • Corporate Headshots - $300 (Includes disc/retouching/artwork/copyright)
  • Portraits - $59 and up
  • Wall Portraits - $295 and up
  • Wall Collages - $295 and up 
  • Panoramics - $249 and up
  • Watercolors & Paintings - $625 and up
  • Images - $35 and up
  • Wall Portraits - $395 and up